Who We Are At Emmanuel

We are a community of faith gathered around the ministry of the Gospel centered in the

Word and Sacraments.

We are a forgiven people who have experienced God's welcome in His Son Jesus striving

to be God's letter of invitation to all, welcoming everyone as God has welcomed us.

We are people being formed by the Holy Spirit for service in His Kingdom

We are a people who seek to be faithful to our Baptismal calling to be His children of light

in a dark, world.

We are a people who believe that God walks with us each day and we pray for the grace

that we might walk with God as He guides us in His Way.

We are a people with a desire to share with all The Good News of God's grace and mercy.

We are Emmanuel Lutheran Church and we invite you to join with us in this journey of

faith and hope.


Looking forward to growing together!