Our Mission and History

Our Mission

We, the body of believers called Emmanuel Lutheran Church, come together under our mission statement: To bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus through education, service, and celebration!

We desire to bring Jesus to you in our celebration worship setting, in our children and youth, Sunday School, and our Adult Bible Study opportunities. We believe God works through his word in the preaching and teaching about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Faith is created by hearing the “Good News” about Jesus as he reveals himself in preaching and teaching.


Emmanuel Lutheran Church has a long, vibrant history in the Hampton Roads area, and more specifically, at its present location where it serves families through Christ centered celebration, education, and service.

Originally located on Kecoughtan Road in Olde Wythe, Emmanuel’s first Kindergarten ministry successfully began in 1947. By 1948, the small Kindergarten would grow to become more than 57 years of preschool, elementary, and middle school Christian Education. In 2001, Emmanuel’s family and church members sought to expand the school and relocate it to its present location on Semple Farm Road.

Emmanuel has reignited the spirit of ministry in the form of a Christian Preschool & Child Development Center. The Church also participates in missions like the H.E.L.P. Organization, Habitat for Humanity, Quilts for Wounded Warriors, knit hats/gloves/scarves for the homeless, Food Pantry Assistance, and Prison Ministries with the South Eastern Correctional Organization. Emmanuel is not only grateful for the many former students who have continued on in their faith, but for the many families that have been brought to Christ through its many years of service.

The CDC’s primary mission will be to provide excellent child care for children of the families in the surrounding neighborhood and broader community in a safe and loving Christian environment. It will also serve as a witness field for bringing God’s Word to those without Christ in their lives