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Worship Updates

Prayer And Worship Services

While we will miss our face-to-face meetings, we can still experience rich worship together, go deeper in prayer, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, grow in relationship with each other as we press in and more fully understand that as Christ followers, we are never alone.

Thursday Evening Prayers:

Ok - take three!  After a better Thursday evening last week, it was recommended to me to just try zoom meetings for the Thursday Evening Prayer Time - so that's what we are doing!  

I have it scheduled from 6:15-7:30 but there is a chance it will shut off after 40 minutes. Here's the link to participate

Sunday Worship:

Wednesday afternoon we received confirmation from the local police department and from our local delegate  that we are able to continue to have "drive -in" style worship!  That is great news!  Last week we had 18 cars with about 30 people.  We will fix the facebook feed for next week and also post it on Youtube that afternoon.  We will likely continue this model until June or the order is rescinded. 

We have developed a way to do communion that the worship leadership feels is very safe for everybody (including myself :) ).  

Here's how we are going to do it: 

  • As you enter the parking lot you will be directed to drive to the church entrance.

  •  You will pull up to the first manned table where you will 1)have an opportunity to drop off your offering and 2) gesture how many communicants are in the car.  

  • The person manning the table (at a distance) will communicate to the second manned table how many cups are needed.

  • The person at the second table, with gloves on, will put prefilled disposable communion cups in a sandwich bag and step away. They are all grapejuice.  

  • You will then drive up to the second table and pick up your bag.  We will be doubling the amount to account for Easter.  

  • After you pick up the bag, you will then be directed to park your car for the service.  

  • We will share communion together after prayers. 

I know it sounds complicated, but we do feel that it is a safe approach.  

Finally, we are working hard to develop a plan for those that have chosen to stay home to have communion.  Right now, we are looking at the possibility of delivering the prefilled cups to doorsteps with a service attached and having a designated time to do it together online.  

Thanks again for your patience with all of this - we, like all the churches, are figuring this out week by week! 

Below is the bulletin for Palm Sunday. 

In Christ, 



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